• I recently published an overview of 16 Must-have smart home automation ideas that I run and got a lot of great feedback from you. Many of you asked what are the other cool automation I run on my smart home hub.
  • This article is a quick overview of my automation routines that either use an interesting approach to automation, combine different devices or have a genius way to solve annoying problems in life.
  • Out of 15 below three are the coolest of the coolest. Those three are great as they really bring up the things l like in smart home automation – the ability to combine devices to make life easier). They help me to make sure that my kids do not forget to do chores (or no internet for them), pause a movie when I get a call (and dim the light when it starts) and remind me that I need to take out the trash bin for collection.
  • I split the other 12 routines into four categories to make it easier for you to understand those.
Coolest Automation Ideas

Coolest Of the Coolest

  • “No Internet For You!” solves the ultimate issue that many parents deal with. I use Home Assistant boolean switches to make sure that kids contribute to a greater good. As the way to motivate them I just cut off their internet – brutal but effective.
  • Pausing a movie when I get a phone call sounds trivial, but it is so cool. I am a keen movie enthusiast and this automation really helps me to enjoy the masterpieces.
  • Putting out the waste bin is my responsibility. I am just a human so I forget to do it with some dire consequences. This automation reminds when it is bin collection day to avoid that pain.