How to install Node-RED and survive

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This is a quick guide how to install Node-RED for your Home Assistant and survive

If this is all new to you, Home Assistant is one of the most flexible and sophisticated open-source smart home platform, and Node-RED is a visual programming tool making rule creation a walk in the park (ish).


Well, the first thing you need to do make sure that you have Home Assistant. If you don’t and keen to try, it would take you 10 minutes using this guide. For hardware, use our pick how you should spend first $250 on smart home, allowing you to create rules and experiment with the seven devices included.

See below a quick video I create. As a youtube virgin, I think I did a good job. However having cold and calling Node-RED, Red-node hinders my success a bit.


  1. Install Home Assistant
  2. Add repository

  1. Install Red Node
  2. Change config

“ssl”: true

  1. Open WEB UI

“admin” / “password”

  1. Install pallet

“assistant” – select without “ws”

  1. Create test automation

{ “entity_id” : “switch.lights_in_cabinet” }

  1. Install in your config (do not forget spacing)



    title: ‘Node-Red’

    icon: ‘mdi:shuffle-variant’

    url: ‘’






TO CONTINUE with Node-RED, have a look at the other pages:

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