Automate Remembering Things [Medication, New Habits]

Our memory plays tricks sometimes. We all forget where we left our wallet, close the fridge and where we parked our car. Forgetting something like taking medication can have dire consequences and this automation will help you to remember.

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This can be done with many dedicated apps on your phone, but the beauty of the smart home is trying to replace as many of the apps as possible

How Does It Work?

  • Set up a notification system – this can be using the instant messaging applications (like Telegram) or dedicated smart home hub app.
  • Decide what do you want to remember to do and decide on a time. This would be a trigger.
  • The notification should be actionable which means that you can assign multiple tasks that you can do once the notification has been received. This can include message your partner, close the door, dismiss and many others.

How To Set Up In Home Assistant.

There is a great write up of the medication reminder in the Home Assistant Community

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