Automation Ideas Bank

Automation Ideas Bank is a fancy name for the list of ideas based on the enthusiasts like you.

We believe there are three gaps in smart home industry (excluding lack of consistency and :

  • Too much focus from manufacturers on creating devices and functionality vs practical use cases
  • Lack of shopping list of useful ideas you can use in your house
  • Simple way to create and customize those automation routines in your home

How does it work?

We documented the initial list of 50 routines that we use in our own house. Each of the automation idea consists of four main blocks:

  • High-level use case and how we solved it
  • Detailed explanation of how it works
  • List of hardware you need
  • Detailed step-by-step description of how to set it up in your (not fully ready as of Aug 2019)
Note that almost each of the automation ideas we use require you to have a smart hub (see our review of the best smart hubs you can buy). This is key to integrate all your devices as well as manage complicated rules.

We are using Home Assistant as the smart hub of chose (see the comparison of Home Assistant vs SmartThings and best hardware for Home Assistant)

Where to start?

We grouped the automation by rooms or devices and use cases so you can find what you want.

Best Automations for each room

Living Room Automations

Kitchen Automations

Bedroom Automations

Bathroom Automations

Study Room Automations

Dining Room Automation Ideas

Laundry Room Automation Ideas

Best Automation for each devices

Automations Using Motion Sensor

Automations Using Smart Bulbs

Automations Using Voice Assistants

Automation Ideas using Smart Outlets

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