5 Childcare Automations We Love (+ My Take On Practical Smart Baby Monitor)

  • I have a pretty usual family with two kids as I mentioned in 16 must-have automation blog post (#3 is underway). If you do not have any kids yet, I must say that parenthood is everything they tell you about it. It both happiness and hardship.
  • As a big fan of home automations I tried my best to make our life as easy as possible with the 5 routines below

1. Help Kids Wake Up At A Reasonable Time

This is probably the most favorite automation routine for my wife. Our sons used to be a very early riser (5am was not rare) which was challenging for us especially when our daughter was small. This automation is mimicking Grow-clock but using your existing smart bulb to encourage more aligned sleep regime.

Read on details and how to set it up in: How To Stop Your Kids Waking Up Early

Need a bit more help?
Navigating Home Assistant can be frustrating (especially at the beginning). To help the community we recently launched Home Assistant Support . It is a dedicated and free-to-use way to ask for and receive help. We will help with general questions, help to choose hardware, integrate you devices, help with automation and in configuring Home Assistant.

Get Free Home Assistant Support

2. How To Make Sure Kids Do Their Homework

Our smart home also helps me to “motivate” my children to help around the house and do their homework. The most important thing there is the motivation. We are not allowing them to use internet – brutal but effective.

3. Stop Worrying If Your Kids Went To School Or Came Home In Time

We are not helicopter parents, but sometimes worry if our children made it to the school and also at home after it. I am using a simple automation rule linked to their mobiles which notifies me if they have not made it in time.

Details: Get Notified When Your Kids Back From School

4. Spotify Controller For Kids To Play And Control Their Music

My kids like music and I am using Spotify, Chromecast and cheap RF remote to allow them to play different playlist, start/stop songs and play next or previous tracks.

Read how Let Your Kids Play Their Music [And You Still Control It]

5. Get Notification If The Door Is Unlock Once Everybody Left

I am probably more guilty of this than kids, but there were couple of times when our door was open while we all were away. This automation sends me a notification in situtation that we still managed to forget that.

Have a read how you can Get Notification If Somebody Forgot To Close The Front Door

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