32 channel NVR in 2020 (Buyer’s guide)

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Finding a good 32 Channel NVR is a more difficult task compared to NVRs with less channels. This is mainly due to the increased importance of hardware to support bandwidth. Recording and powering 32 surveillance at the same time needs well designed software and sufficient capacity in power supply and communication. 32 channel NVRs surveillance systems are also understandably more expensive and finding the best option for your needs is even more important.

We reviewed and tested all the models offered by major brands like LaView, Amcrest, Hikvision and HD View. Contrary to the normal default option for our reviews, we recommend GW-3432E, a premium model, as the best option for the majority of users. This is because the usual choices like Amcrest or Reolink made the compromises in their NVR 32 channel models that we are not happy with. At the same time, GW 32 channel Network Video Recorder support high definition cameras and also up to 8TB data storage capacity. The price is higher but it pays back thanks to the quality of the hardware and software together with a wide additional functions offered.

For the alternative picks, we selected HDView 32 Channel HD Megapixel NVR, which is a lesser known brand. You will pay less for similar functionalities but that comes with the trade offs. The model has only 16 ports, there are camera compatibility issues reported (although it states ONVIF Compliance) and UI has some translation problems. Amcrest NV4432E-HS is also a good choice for 32 channel NVR system and the only reasons why we could not give it the top pick is because it offers only 16 PoE ports, software quality is not as great as GW and fan reported to be noisy.

Best 32 Channel NVRs

Best 32 Channel NVR: GW 32 Channel NVRr

Best 32 Channel NVR
  • 32 PoE Ports
  • 8MP cameras
  • Up to 8TB
  • Good quality software and build
  • Unclear manuals
  • why this model?

Best affordable 32 Channel PoE NVR: HDView H.265 NVR

Best cheap 32 channel NVR
  • 16 PoE ports
  • 5MP cameras
  • Up to 4TB
  • Affordable
  • ONVIF compatibility issues
  • why this model?

Best alternative 32 Channel NVR: Amcrest NV4432E-HS 32

Best 32 Ch NVR
  • 16 PoE ports
  • 8MP cameras
  • Up to 25TB
  • Good quality picture and security features
  • Noisy fan
  • why this model?

Best 32 Channel NVR: GW-3432E-8S 4T

Amazon Reviews:Amazon Reviews:

  • Supports resolution up to 4K
  • 32 PoE ports
  • 8MP cameras and below can be installed
  • Install 4 HDD with max storage of 8TB
  • Comes with 4TB HDD pre-installed
  • 30fps real-time recording
  • Real-time viewing at 80Mbps speed
  • Manufacturer Page



  • Great picture quality
  • Decent UI
  • Security features like alerts, video push, motion detection work well


  • Unclear manuals
  • Motion detection requires occasional reconfiguration

The reason the GW 3432E-8S 4T is our pick for the best 32 Channel NVR system can be boiled down to two things – very few flaws and maximum features. The close competition was the Amcrest NV4432E-HS and they matched in terms of number of features and consistent quality. However, Amcrest fell short by only providing 16 PoE ports in its 32 channels while GW 3432E-8S 4T has 32 PoE ports The GW NVR system also supports more storage, allowing 32TB whereas the Amcrest NVR only supports 24TB. Another criticism that Amcrest carries for all its products is the poorly built web and mobile apps. The GW has much more user friendly UI compared to Amcrest with navigation, configuration and playback controls are much easier to use.

The GW has tons of security features meant to give you maximum protection. Motion detection, alerts, video push, PTZ, tour and buzzer are well working security functions that require minor configuration to set up.

A small issue with the system is that it demands occasional reconfiguration of the motion detection feature to make sure it doesn’t register heavy rainfall and snow as movement. The manuals along with this 32 channel NVR can be a bit messy and unclear. Fortunately, the plug and play setup will make it easy for you to install the system.

Most Common Questions

  • Is this NVR compatible with other brands of PoE cameras?

“Yes. Easy to add the cameras of the majority of brands with ease”

  • What does “max 5MP” mean? can it record at 5MP res. and what frame rate? Description says “bandwidth 64Mbps and 8CH [email protected] (8Mbps)” so maybe?

“When connecting this NVR to a 2.0 megapixel IP camera, you’ll get 2.0 megapixel resolution if fps is set at 30, and you will get 5.0 megapixel resolution if fps is set at 7”

  • Will this unit run 16 4MP cameras  at 20fps?

The unit supports a total capacity of 150Mbps for all sources. Depending on your cameras (video or video with Audio), you should be fine at that resolution for comparison, i was running 12 cameras at 3mp at 24×7 recording, which used under 80Mbps on the interface while testing the unit.”

Installation and Use

Installation is similar to any other NVR. Since the product comes with a pre installed HDD, you don’t need to bother with it.

  • Plug your POE camera into one of the camera RJ-45 ports
  • Plug the NVR into your router using an ethernet cable
  • Plug the NVR into a monitor using an HDMI or VGA cables
  • Plug the included USB mouse into the NVR. Don’t worry, you can use your own mouse too
  • Plug the NVR into the power brick

Afterwards, start the system and create an account. Make sure to give a strong password so attackers don’t get into the system. Configure the camera settings and then start recording.


  • A model with 16 channels for smaller coverage: No products found.
  • The same model, but has no pre-installed HDD: GW5532NP-V8

User Feedback

“Bought this NVR 32 Channel and we are very pleased with the product, but specially the GW support. Had some older Axis camera’s that were not compatible, but there support worked for days with the manufacturer trying to make it work. Best support I have seen. ”- Jenna Silver 

“Good interface, bad networking stack. If using a wireless bridge, look at something else.”- Rolalds0 

Best Affordable 32 Channel 4K PoE NVR: HDView H.265 32 Channel HD Megapixel NVR

Amazon Reviews: Amazon Reviews:

  • Supports resolution up to 4K
  • 16 PoE ports
  • Supports cameras up to 5MP
  • Support 4 HDD with maximum storage of 4TB
  • Compatible with IP cameras of ONVIF version 2.3 or above
  • 30fps real-time recording
  • H.265 intelligent NVR for better quality video encoding and compression


  • Affordable
  • Good picture quality
  • User friendly set up
  • Smooth playback


  • Only 16 PoE channels can be used
  • Tried and tested popular IP cameras are the only good choice. Other cameras can cause recording issues.
  • The software is translated from chinese so errors, prompts and navigation is unclear.


The HDView 32 Channel NVR system is definitely the most affordable security solution that is reliable and provides enough features. The affordability comes with a couple of downsides like only 16 PoE ports available and a lack of compatibility with many cameras. Even if HDVIew boasts the compatibility with ONVIF compliant IP cameras, it seems to only be able to work with popular cameras and the HDView cameras.

The recording, footage, and playback features are all working well. Alerts and motion detection works fine too. The software has decent UI but all the text is translated directly from Chinese making it hard to comprehend at times.

Amazon Reviews: Amazon Reviews:


  • Amazing picture quality
  • Largest capacity of HDD supported
  • Perfectly compatible with ONVIF compliant IP cameras
  • Security features like Motion Detection, Video Loss and Lock work well


  • Noisy fan
  • Only 16 PoE ports
  • Android app and desktop client UI is poor


Definitely a close competition to our choice for best 32 Channel NVR system. The 16 PoE ports and the poor quality software are the only things holding this back from taking the number one spot. Some users have also claimed that the fan makes noise. This could vary according to reviews but it should be considered before purchase.

Besides that, it has tons of features like Motion Detection, Video Loss and Lock, is compliant with other IP cameras and the footage is crystal clear. If you aren’t a fan of the GW NVR then Amcrest will surely be a great choice.

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