“No Internet For You!” – Make Sure You Kids Do Chores (Free)

This is genious!

Average parents hear a lot of excuses for not doing daily chores:

  • “It’s not my day”
  • “I did it yesterday”
  • And so on

This automation routine (although not simplest to set up) will use the power of home automation to avoid any of the above.

This routine is part of the Automation Bank, a community-driven list of over 50 practical automation ideas for your smart home. Read more about Automation Bank or search ideas by room, by device or by use case. Also, have a look at best home automation ideas as voted by our users.

How Does It Work?

  • Chores List
    • Set up a list of chores that your children need to do every day. It should reset every day
    • Connect the list to your smart hub. In Home Assistant it is done using “input boolean”
  • Blocking Internet
    • This would be specific for your setup including your internet router and smart hub
    • In Home Assistant you use APR Spoofing to disable the access
  • Logistics
    • Internet should be disabled every morning
    • Once children come back to school, Alexa / Google Home will remind them that they need to finish the chores
    • They need to tick every chores they completed in the smart hub interface
    • Once all chores completed the internet access will be enabled


  • You can also disable the internet at a certain period of time (for example before 7am or after 10pm)

How To Set It Up?

Section below will have step by step instructions how to set this automation routine in the most popular smart hubs like SmartThings, Home Assistant, HomeSeer and Hubitat

Please leave comments below if you have any questions, or interested in the instruction for a specific system. This will help us to better focus our effort.

How to Set This up in Home Assistant:

You have two options:

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