Sounds mundane, but imagine if your tv would pause every time you would get a call while watching a movie. It is surprisingly easy to implement.

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How Does It Work?

  • Trigger: This one requires integration of your phone with the smart home. It is generally easier to do using with Android Phone. You can use a number of applications like Tasker or Zanzito (using MQTT). It basically should record an event that a call received
  • Condition: works only if you are at home and the movie is on
  • Action: Pause the movie. Easiest to implement with Chromecast or connected TV

What Do You Need?

This automation does not really require any additional hardware if you already have Chromcast or connected TV.

How To Set It Up?

Section below will have step by step instructions how to set this automation routine in the most popular smart hubs like SmartThings, Home Assistant, HomeSeer and Hubitat

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