Automate your heater to warm up your bathroom in the morning ($40 – $100)

  • We all hate getting up in the morning only to step into the bathroom is unforgivingly cold (especially during the winter).
  • This is especially important if you do not have well heated bathroom / or other rooms
  • This can make your mornings even more miserable than they already are (yes, I’m not a morning person).
  • Skills needed: Medium – this one require a moderate ability to set conditions and actions
  • Costs: Low – it only require the sensors and a smart plug or outlet
Can you impove this automation? This is not for profit attempt to give back to smart home community all the fun we were having with automation. Please add your comments, ideas improvemetns so we can share it with everybody.

How does it work?

  • Install a motion sensor in the bedroom to trigger the infrared heater. It will instantly warm up your bedroom will not cost much.
  • Place the motion sensor in your bedroom to trigger the heater as soon as you woke up.
  • Automation should only trigger in the morning (or based on the bathroom temperature)
  • It should switch off after a certain time (or no movement in the bathroom)
  • You can also use the motion sensor to automate your lights.


  • Motion sensor notifies of a a movement


  • Only in the morning
  • Only if the heater is not on already


  • The heater switche on
  • The heater switches on after a period of time
  • You can also switch on or increase the target temperature if you have any smart heating systems

Use Cases and Benefits

  • Morning Routine: Start your day in a warm environment.
  • Late-Night Showers: No more shivering if you like to shower before bed.
  • Guest Impressions: Keep your guests comfy and impressed with your tech-savvy home.

What do you need?

This automation has to mandatory items you need to have a sensor and a smart outlet

  • Motion Sensor - This sensor detects any motion and ideally combined with luminance sensor. Our advice is to go for Zigbee (Matter) and battery operated. Eve Motion Sensor (Matter) ($44.82) is our top chose as supports Matter (future proof), has luminance sensor and good battery life. If you want to go fancy, Linptech mmWave human body sensor ($35.99) would work, but you will need to sort out wired power supply
  • Smart Plug / Outlet - Allows you to remotely switch on and off a plug. Can be retrofitted to any existing devices. Kasa Matter Smart Plug w/ Energy Monitoring ($46.99) is a simple and easy choice here. It supports Matter, provides good value for money and great brand. You can also check outKasa Outdoor Smart Dimmer Plug ($19.99) if you need an outdoor version.

Advance Uses / Ideas to customise

  • Set up a voice command via Alexa or Google Assistant for manual control.
  • Integrate with a smart home scene like “Good Morning” or “Good Night” to trigger other actions along with the heater.
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Generic Step-by-Step Setup Guide

  1. Plug your space heater into the smart plug.
  2. Connect the smart plug to a wall outlet.
  3. Add the smart plug to your smart home app.
  4. Create an automation schedule or temperature trigger to turn on the smart plug—and consequently, your heater.
  5. Test to make sure everything works as expected.

Things to consider when you use it

  • Calibrate: configure your motion sensor sensitivity settings to avoid false alarms
  • Reposition your sensor: try to move your sensor in the different positions to make sure you do not have too many alarms (although limiting the routine to near the time of waking up would solve it)

How-to create an morning heating automation in Home Assistant?

As set in the generic list, you need to connect both sensors and the smart plug to the home assistant. Once done, follow the steps below using YAML file provided. Non yaml way is even simpler.

Total Cost:



Things Needed?

Motion Sensor and Smart Plug

Steps to configure automation to prevents leaks in Home Assistant?

Step 1

Copy the YAML code above.

Step 2

Paste it into your automations.yaml file in Home Assistant.

Step 3

Save the file and reload automations from the Home Assistant UI.

  - alias: 'Morning Bathroom Warm-Up'
      platform: time
      at: '06:00:00'
      service: switch.turn_on
      entity_id: switch.smart_plug_bathroom


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