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Setting up Home Assistant and more importantly, configuring it to your needs can be complicated. This sometimes stops less tech-savvy people to abandon on not even start on using Home Assistant. Open-source community and forums on Home Assistant are great but it can be difficult to navigate and find the up to date information.

As a result, we created Home Assistant Support.

What is Home Assistant Support? It is the community-driven dedicated advice and help service for Home Assistant Users. We will answer your questions and provide help with Home Assistant.

We can help you with the following (also follow the links to get actual help):

  • General help (including installation and hardware)
  • Help with Home Assistant configuration.yaml or other yaml files
  • Help with your Home Assistant NodeRed configuration
  • Create specific automation for your needs
  • Help with Lovelace UI and Home Assistant customization
  • Create a FloorPlan

More questions about Home Assistant Support?

See below the main things you might be interested in before getting help with Home Assistant.

Is it free and what is in it for Smart Home University?

Yes, it is all free (floor plan is an exception as it requires more time and expertise). The only thing we asking is to provide some feedback once we helped you (and you are happy) publishing one tweet, Reddit or Instagram comment or post with the link to us.

We are heavy users of Home Assistant and the main motivation to do this is to give back to the community.

Is it good for Home Assistant project?

Yes, because we want to make it more accessable for all users. Also, we are creating a structured FAQ page for all things Home Assistant and if you are happy to contribute we will anonymously publish your question and our answer for all the users to see and answer.

It will compliment Home Assistant forum, but we will try to maintain it update (probably with your help)

How long will it take to get my answers?

We are aiming to respond to you within one day. Floorplans can take up to 3 days.

Should you trust us? I think yes. We are a community of Home Assistant users over 4 years with prior experiences in using Home Assistant, OpenHAB, SmartThings and much more. We are using Home Assistant on a daily basis and active members of community and forums. You can see some of the feedback on Home Assistant help on a dedicated page.

More questions?

Hit us below:


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