Help with Home Assistant yaml files

This page is part of the Home Assistant Support service that Smart Home University provides. See more details on how we can help and why we doing it on Home Assistant Support page

What is Yaml?

Yaml is one of the human-readable data markup languages. It is commonly used for configuration files and applications. In Home Assistant is it the main way to configure Home Assistant (in addition to Web interface).

Although we personally love YAML files, they can be confusing and frustrating (mainly due to strict formatting and indentation requirements)

Where the YAML file used in Home Assistant

As the main way to configure Home Assistant, they are used pretty much every single configurable part of Home Assistant.

  • configuration.yaml
  • automations.yaml

How we will help you?

  • Identify the bug in the files you created
  • Try to solve the issue you have
  • We can have a look at your yaml files and try to fix or suggest improvements
Do you have more specific questions re automation, configuration.yaml etc? Please go to the dedicated page for yaml help, Node-RED help, automation or floorplans

Send us your YAML files to check

Do not include any sensitive information


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