Reviewed: Lorex vs Night Owl (Top Outdoor Bullet CCTV Camera)

  • Night Owl and Lorex are one of the main mid-range brands for CCTV surveillance systems.
  • We focused on outdoor bullet cameras for this review but the majority of findings are relevant for other types of cameras from Lorex or Night Owl
  • Overall, Lorex LWB 4901 works great for personal use, while Night Owl CAM-WNR2P-OU is better for commercial or business use
  • The main difference is in view angles, and also power supply. Lorex LWB 4901 works on long-lasting lithium-ion batteries whereas Night Owl CAM-WNR2P-OU is AC powered camera.
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Lorex LWB 4901 1080p Indoor Camera

Night Owl Wireless 1080p CAM-WNR2P-OU Camera

Outdoor Bullet Surveillance Camera Wireless 1080p AC Powered Camera
on Amazon on Amazon

This is a 1080 p wireless bullet camera with 140° field of view.

This 1080 p wireless AC Powered Infrared IPcamera is two-way audio enabled and has 100° field of view.

  • Night vision provides clear video quality to a range of 95 ft.
  • Weatherproof feature of the camera allows it to withstand temperature from -4° to 122 ° Fahrenheit.
  • Can be easily mounted on wall or ceiling
  • Wide coverage up to 600 ft.
  • Built-in microphone and speaker provides the ability to talk through it.
  • Provides low battery notification
  • Night vision of the camera covers up to the range of 100 ft.
  • 24/ 7 customer support.
  • Dual sensors (motion and heat) reduce 90% false alerts.
  • Two-way audio features allow you to record audio and can be even used as an intercom.
  • Works with Google Assistant that makes it convenient for you to view from Smart Device
  • The weather-resistant camera is suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations.
  • Battery requires charging periodically
  • It does not have a desktop application.

The Main Difference between Night Owl and Lorex

Although features of both the cameras are almost the same, some of the major differences are:

  • Lorex LWB 4901 camera works on lithium-ion batteries, while the Night Owl camera operates on AC power.
  • Lorex covers a distance of 95 ft. at night but Night Owl CAM-WNR2P-OU can reach till 100 ft.
  • If the cameras are compared from the field of view, then Lorex comes with 140° field of view, whereas Night Owl offers 100°.
  • Lorex camera provides alerts on Lorex Cirrus app, whereas you get real-time alerts on your smart device from Night Owl camera.
  • The Lorex camera is priced at $79.49 and Night Owl camera is available at $83.83.
  • Depending upon the location and requirement, both the brands offer high security.

Issues Customer Reports


Customers complain about getting technical support on the phone, and contacting them is also difficult at times.

Night Owl

Customers have faced problems during set-up and also while connecting it to Google assistant. Some even showed confusion regarding its connection with the DVR.

Brand: Lorex vs Night Owl?

Both Lorex and Night Owl are good brands offering the same quality of resolution. They also offer various other same features. Lorex is an old brand, and Night Owl being new pays a significant focus on innovation for advanced security options.

Selecting the one over the other is difficult as both offer the best motion detection and an excellent field of view. Night vision range is also best for both the brands.

Both are the best pick for security purposes.

Hardware Comparison

Both Lorex LWB 4901 and Night Owl cameras are weatherproof and suitable to work outdoor even during harsh weather conditions. Lorex works well under temperature -4° to 122°F and can easily withstand dust, rain, and snow as it has IP 66 water rating. Night Owl works under -4° – 140°F. But its installation is still recommended to be done under some shelter.

Lorex provides 140° field of view, whereas Night Owl CAM-WNR2P-OU offers 100°, but Night Owl offers higher night vision up to 100 ft. than Lorex, which covers only 95 ft at night. 

Lorex and Night Owl sensor system detects motion using advanced motion detection and Smart Dual Sensor Technology, respectively and captures movements by minimizing false alerts.

Where Lorex has inbuilt speaker and microphone, Night Owl also consists of the two-way audio system.

Software Comparison

Lorex provides motion alerts on Lorex Cirrus app, whereas Night Owl offers real-time alerts on your smart devices that work well with Google assistant.

Featuring 6 infrared LED’s, Lorex records high-quality images at night. It also has an automatic infrared cut filter that provides correct color representation at day and high-resolution black and white video at night. In the same manner, Night Owl CAM-WNR2P-OU displays full-color mode during day time and turns to black and white mode during the night.

Our Verdict

Though both are good brands and offers the best security features, selection of one from both, depends upon your usage.

Expert Review

If you want a security system for your home, then Lorex LWB 4901 is an ideal pick for you that provide high-quality night vision. At the same time, when comparing Lorex vs Night Owl, and need a security system for the company or commercial site, then Night owl could be a better choice.

When you compare it from the usage point of view, Lorex is a good pick. Moreover, the installation of Lorex is also easy, and the brand has not received any complaint regarding it.

But considering the full-professional security system by Night Owl, it could be an ideal pick, especially if you want security camera for commercial locations.

Lorex vs Night Owl: Technical Specifications

  Lorex LWB 4901   Night Owl CAM-WNR2P-OU
Resolution Up to 1080p (1920×1080) Up to 1080p (1920×1080)
Encoding H.264  
Field of View 140° 100°
Power Supply 5V 2A 12V DC 1.0A
Operating temperature -4° ~ 122°F / -20° ~ 50°C -4° ~ 140°F
Night Vision (IR Range) Up to 95 ft. Up to 100 ft.
Lens (Angle, Type etc.) Fixed Fixed
Housing & Package (Metal) IP66 (Indoor / Outdoor) IP65
Connectivity Wireless Wireless AC Powered
NVR (Built-in NVR or SD Card)   Yes
Alerts (Alert events, Email alerts, Push alerts) Alerts you on the Lorex Cirrus app Real-time alerts on the smart device
Detection (Simple motion detection, Line crossing detection, Intrusion detection, Abandoned/Missing object detection, Scene change detection, Face detection, Audio Detection) Advanced Motion Detection Smart Dual Sensor Technology
Other (Alarm in/out, Audio in/out, Other ) Built-in Microphone and Speaker 2-way audio
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