Swann vs Night Owl: Comparing Top Mid-level CCTV Cameras

  • Swann SWNHD-880CAM and Night Owl CAM-IH8-BA bullet security cameras provide HD visuals with 4K or 8 megapixels resolution.
  • Both POE cameras provide night vision up to 100 ft. but offers a different viewing angle.
  • Swann works with EXIR LED IR to provide clear night vision and Night Owl boasts L2 Color Boost® Technology to record color video in low lights.
  • Viewing the functionality of both the cameras, we conclude Night Owl would offer better value to your money.
  • For more information on CCTV Cameras look at our review of best PoE surveillance systems

Swann SWNHD-880CAM

Night Owl CAM-IH8-BA

4K HD Bullet Security Camera Wired 4K UHD IP Camera
on Amazon on Amazon

The 4K Ultra HD bullet security camera with EXIR LED IR night vision and 75° viewing angle provides crystal clear details. This 4K Ultra HD bullet camera is a wired camera with audio and has 85° viewing angle.

This 4K Ultra HD bullet camera is a wired camera with audio and has 85° viewing angle.

  • High video quality Clear night vision up to a distance of 100 ft.
  • Weather-resistant casing
  • Can remotely view the camera on your smartphone
  • Easy Installation
  • Features low light sensors that produce full-color video even in low light.
  • Switched to night vision only if it necessary.
  • Weather-proof camera
  • Audio enabled feature of the camera picks up the audio near the camera.
  • Extra security layer.
  • Rapid Image Detection technology reduces false recordings.
  • It comes with only 12 months warranty period.
  • Does not have a microphone to record audio
  • Limited warranty time

The Main Differences

Though both the cameras provide high-quality videos and clear vision at night, some of the differences between the two products are:

  • Swann camera has EXIR LED IR night vision that provides a clear image than regular LED’s. They provide a uniform image, reducing over-exposure and darker areas. But Night Owl camera with L2 Color Boost® Technology can record full-color video even in dim light. It switches to night vision only if necessary.
  • Night Owl is audio enabled, and it records clear audio with a built-in microphone, whereas there is no microphone in Swann camera.
  • Swann’s field of view is 75° whereas night owl has 85° viewing angle.
  • Night Owl features Rapid Image Detection technology and reduces false recordings.
  • Night Owl has two-way recordings audio as well as video, but as Swann lacks in-built microphone it only gives video recordings.
  • Both the cameras are weather-resistant, but Swann can operate in temperature -22°F to 122°F, whereas Night Owl’s camera can withstand temperature -22°F to 131°F.
  • You can get both the cameras at $149.99 but Night Owl boasts extra security layer.

Issues Customer Reports

Swann Feedback

Customers have complained that camera fogs up, and some of the customers have even experienced compatibility issues.

Night Owl Feedback

Customers complain about the lack of customer support.

Which Brand Is Better: Night Owl or Swann

Swann and Night Owl, both are good brands and offer security cameras at reasonable pricing. Both cameras provide high-quality resolution.

Swann SWNHD-880CAM is relatively easy to install, and installation of Night Owl CAM-IH8-BA might require technical support. As Swann offers clear night vision with EXIR LED IR, Night Owl also has L2 Color Boost® Technology that records color video in low lights too.

The brands have equipped their products with their features, so picking one out of the two can be difficult. Swann and Night Owl are the best security cameras out there.

Hardware Comparison

Swann SWNHD-880CAM and Night Owl CAM-IH8-BA cameras are weather resistant and can easily withstand rain, storm, snow, and moisture. Both are ideal for working indoor as well as outdoor. Swann with an IP67 rating can work in temperature -22°F to 122°F, but Nigh Owl can work in -22°F to 131°F.

Where Swann has 75° angle of view, Night Owl boasts 85° viewing angle. But both offer clear night vision up to 100ft.

Night Owl works on Rapid Image Detection™ Technology (RID) that reduces false recordings. It rapidly interprets data for distinguishing threats from non-threats.

Swann lacks in-built microphone but Night Owl is audio enabled that picks the audio from the area around camera. Moreover, the built-in microphone also produces clear audio.

Software Comparison

Night Owl allows easy connection with computer, tablet, or smartphone, which allows you to view your camera from anywhere. Swann also provides a remote view on your smartphone.

With twin EXIR LED IR, Swann provides clear night vision. Night Owl also provides clear vision with its L2 Color Boost® Technology that can record full-color video even in low lights. It switches to night mode only when required.

Swann vs Night Owl: Our Verdict

Both are good brands and offer a high-quality resolution of 8 Megapixels and have unique features to provide high-security.

If we are to select one between the two, Night Owl CAM-IH8-BA would be our pick. It is new and technologically superior to Swann SWNHD-880CAM. It offers more digital interaction and better camera technology.

Expert Review

Night Owl would be the best pick because it is audio enabled, and provides extra security with both audio and video recording. Swann lacks this feature. Night Owl also has the ability to record in full-color mode even in low shades that also adds as an advantage.

But if we talk about installation, then Swann stands out for its easy and user-friendly instructions and installation.

Keeping all the features in mind, Night Owl would be considered as a winner.

Technical Specifications

  Swann SWNHD-880CAM Night Owl CAM-IH8-BA
Resolution 4K (8 Megapixels) 4K (8 Megapixels)
Power Supply DC 12 V 12 VDC
Operating temperature -22°F ~ 122°F -22°F ~ 131°F
Field of View  75° 85°
Night Vision (IR Range) Up to 100 ft. Up to 100 ft.
Housing & Package (Metal) IP67 ((Indoor / Outdoor) IP66
Lens (Angle, Type etc.) Fixed Fixed
Body Construction Aluminum N/a
Power (PoE) Yes Yes
NVR (Built-in NVR or SD Card) Yes  
Detection (Simple motion detection, Line crossing detection, Intrusion detection, Abandoned/Missing object detection, Scene change detection, Face detection, Audio Detection) N/a Rapid Image Detection™ Technology (RID)
Other (Alarm in/out, Audio in/out, Other ) N/a Built-in microphone
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1 year ago

I bought Swann Enforcer security system model SWDVK-85680W4RL
1. The alarm email notification does not send email. In the Setup>Network>Email Configuration screen, the test Email fails, it shows “Connect server error”. What good does a security system do if I can’t receive an email alarm notification for an intrusion in my home?
This system requires a Google account, i.e. Server , but Google account security no longer allows “Less secure apps” option. Google discontinued it as of 5/30/22, see link .

2. Swann Tech. Support options are through email submission or online chat only. Neither one is helpful as they provide phrases that don’t really answer to a particular customer question. I have sent requests several time to talk to a Tech. Support person to no avail. It is impossible to talk to a live person on the phone. Their Tech. Support phone number system states “there is no available” and hangs up.

3. Phone app fails to search or show recorded video. Only live camera video can be seen.

I do not recommend Swann security camera system, unless you just need to record surveillance video.

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