Lorex vs Swann: Comparing the Best PTZ Camera

  • Lorex and Swann are two of the most popular security camera brands out there.
  • While looking for PTZ camera with a great zoom feature, Lorex PTZ Camera LZV2925B and Swann PRO-1080PTZ are usually the two models to choose from.
  • You can see a detailed and comprehensive comparison of Lorex and Swann security cameras below based on our testing and use at the test facility.
  • Our overall conclusion is the Lorex PTZ Camera LZV2925B is a great deal for the money. Although it is a bit pricey than the Swann camera, it offers more features and functions than the latter one.  
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Lorex PTZ Camera LZV2925B

Swann PRO-1080PTZ

Lorex PTZ Camera Swann PTZ Camera
$419.99 on Amazon on Amazon

Offering an incredible zoom feature, this Lorext PTZ camera provides great night vision and clear images at 1920 x 1080 resolutions.

With features like advanced motion detection and PTZ, the camera makes a great outdoor and indoor camera for your home and business

  • High-quality night vision
  • Simple to set up
  • Great day and night images
  • Easy to install
  • Big and heavy design
  • Made for DVRs only
  • Non-waterproof
  • Controls can be laggy

The Main Differences Between Swann and Lorex

The significant differences between these two cameras are:

  • The IR range of Lorex PTZ camera is 300 feet whereas the Swann camera covers an area of 165 feet at night.
  • The Lorex camera features 25X Optical Zoom while the Swann PTZ camera offers 10X Optical Zoom.
  • The Lorex camera is priced at $450 whereas the Swann camera is available for $400.

Issues Customer Reports

Lorex PTZ Camera

Users have complained about its big design, which can easily be spotted by intruders.

Swann PTZ Camera

The Swann camera is made for DVRs only.

Which Brand Is Better: Lorex vs Swann

Lorex and Swann cameras have a lot in common, including PTZ functionality and great night vision. With the best-in-class features, it is really difficult to pick one brand.

As Swann cameras don’t support ONVIF, it is definitely a plus point for Lorex cameras as you can use these cameras with any ONVIF-compatible NVR. So, it all narrows down to your needs and requirements while choosing a brand.  

PTZ Camera Hardware Comparison

The Lorex PTZ Camera LZV2925B a camera has 1/2.8″ 2.1MP sensor whereas the Swann camera is equipped with a 2MP sensor. The size of the sensor significantly affects the low light ability of a camera. The larger the sensor, the great is the ability of a camera to perform in low light conditions.

Next up is low light performance. Swann PRO-1080PTZ has 6 IR LEDs along with an IR cut filter to cover an area of 165 feet at night. Although Lorex doesn’t specify the number of IR LEDs, the company does claim to provide an IR range of 300 feet.

Both the cameras switch to B&W in low light conditions to ensure optimal low-light image quality. 

Furthermore, Lorex camera comes with an exclusive 2-year warranty, but the Swann camera has only a 1-year warranty as standard.

Software Comparison

Both the Lorex camera and Swann camera captures high-quality video at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 over coaxial cables.

Swann camera doesn’t support ONVIF, whereas the Lorex camera does. You can use it with any ONVIF-compatible NVR. But if you buy the Swann camera, you are forced to buy a Swann NVR with it.

Lorex PTZ Camera LZV2925B camera features full 360° panning rotation; a -15° ~ 90° tilt ability along with an incredible 25× optical zoom lens. However, the Swann camera features motorized pan and tilt movements that enable it to rotate 360 degrees. Also, this camera features moving lenses for 10x optical zoom, which allows you to control the zooming level remotely. 

Swann PRO-1080PTZ camera has 5.1-51mm varifocal lens that delivers a 68-7° field of view whereas the Lorex camera offers 59.2°~2.4° field of view with its auto-focus lens. Moreover, the Lorex camera uses Digital Noise Reduction technology to filter out noise caused by motion or from low-light settings. Besides reducing noise, DNR also reduces video file sizes as well, which will give you greater disc space for storage.   

Lorex camera supports basic motion detection, whereas the Swann camera supports full video analytics. Swann camera supports advanced motion detection methods, including intrusion detection, line crossing, person detection, and face detection. However, neither camera sends out motion detected emails or alerts. So, this definitely is a drawback for both the brands.           

Our Verdict

Swann PRO-1080PTZ camera lacks ONVIF support and doesn’t operate with other brands, Lorex is the clear winner here. With all the necessary features, you can even add this camera to any NVR that supports ONVIF. 

Expert Review

Our overall review is that although Lorex PTZ Camera LZV2925B is priced at $450, it is better than Swann camera in every aspect. It offers a greater zoom and larger IR range than the Swann security camera. Also, the sensor of Lorex is superior to Swann’s sensor.

Technical Specifications

  Lorex PTZ Camera LZV2925B Swann PRO-1080PTZ
Resolution 1920 × 1080 HD resolution 1920 × 1080 HD resolution
Zoom 25X Optical Zoom 16X Digital Zoom 10X Optical Zoom
Pan Tilt 0°~360° Pan (Endless); -15°~90° Tilt (Auto-Flip) 360° Pan
Viewing Angle Horizontal: 59.2°~2.4° Diagonal: 67.5°~3.2° 7° – 68°
Night Vision (IR Range)  300 feet 165ft/50m
Lets (Angle, type etc)  4.8~120mmF1.6 ~F4.4 5.1 – 51mm Varifocal Lens
Housing& Package (Metal) N/A Metal construction
Connectivity Wired Wired
Alerts (Alert events, Email alerts, Push alerts) No No
Detection (Simple motion detection, Line crossing detection, Intrusion detection, Abandoned/Missing object detection, Scene change detection, Face detection, Audio Detection) Supports basic motion detection Intrusion detection, line crossing, person detection, and face detection
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