Amcrest vs Foscam : Best Value Security Camera Brands Reviewed

  • When it comes to reliable security cameras, Foscam and Amcrest are not only two best-known brands, but often offering best value for money
  • We compared flagship PTZ Surveillance cameras they offer, but the conclusions and comparison will be similar for other products
  • The main differences revolve around their night vision abilities (Foscam covers 196 feet while Amcrest covers 98 feet) and digital zoom (Amcrest features 16X digital zoom whereas Foscam boasts 6X digital zoom).
  • You can see a detailed comparison of these two security cameras below based on our testing and use at the test facility.
  • Our overall conclusion is Amcrest IP2M-846 camera is a great value for money as it offers more functionality than Foscam FI9928P camera.
  • Do not forget to have a look at our in-depth review of the best PTZ cameras

Foscam FI9928P

Amcrest IP2M-846

CCTV Surveilance Security Camera PoE Bullet Surveilance Security Camera
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Offering 4X Optical Zoom, the Pan-Tilt-Zoom security camera provides a night vision up to 196 feet.

With features like PTZ and amazing image resolution, this security camera is one of the best cameras in the market

  • Great day and night image quality
  • Great design and finish
  • Full HD recording with 360 ° vision
  • Great image and audio quality
  • Easy installation
  • Built-in NVR feature
  • On-board microSD storage, pre-record and post-record feature
  • Does not provide usable images at night without enough infrared light
  • Limited support from the manufacturer
  • Limited customer support

The Main Differences between Amcrest and Foscam

There are not many differences between these two cameras, but the major ones are: 

  • The Amcrest camera can see up to a distance of 98 feet at night whereas the Foscam camera covers an area of 196 feet.
  • The Amcrest camera features 16X digital zoom whereas Foscam boasts 6X digital zoom.
  • The Amcrest camera is priced at $180 whereas you’ll get the Foscam security camera for a tad higher price of $200.

Issues Customer Reports


Users have complained about bad motion detection.


The device is said to have some pretty serious Wi-Fi connectivity and auto-focus issues.

Foscam vs Amcrest: Brand value

Foscam and Amcrest are two of the best and most reliable security brand cameras. Both the cameras have more things in common, and it’s quite difficult to select one brand as the best. However, both brands offer the best features and functions needed in a security camera.  

Both the brands have almost three forms of storage; cloud storage, micro SD card, and Network Video Recorder (NVR). As both brands offer best-in-class features, it is really difficult to side with one brand.    

Hardware Comparison

Both the cameras have a 1/2.8″ sensor to capture 1920×1080 resolution videos. The camera with a larger sensor is better suited for low light conditions.

Next up is the Wide Dynamic Range (WDR). Amcrest IP2M-846 camera supports digital HDR but, the Foscam FI9928P doesn’t claim to support this feature. Also, both the cameras have 3D noise reduction technology for improved video quality.

Another important feature in a security camera is its ability to perform in the dark. The Foscam camera has 6 IR LEDs that offer a night vision of up to 196 feet. But the Amcrest camera doesn’t specify the number of IR LEDs, and it covers an area of 98 feet at night. It even has an SD card slot that works well with the built-in NVR feature.     

The night mode of Foscam camera is automatically switched on in the dark but can also be activated manually. Another attractive feature of this camera is that color shots are possible even in almost complete darkness – thanks to Sony STARVIS image sensor, the WDR, and the f/1.6 aperture.

Furthermore, the certification of the Foscam camera is IP65, whereas the Amcrest camera is IP66 certified.

Software Comparison

Amcrest camera delivers high-quality HD 1080p video resolution at 30FPS whereas Foscam FI9928P camera delivers photos and videos at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels at 25 frames per second.

Amcrest IP2M-846 camera is compatible with ONVIF NVR, FTP and blue iris for reviewing footages. The Foscam camera has Micro SD, Cloud, and NVR storage.

Equipped with a 2MP sensor, the Amcrest camera has a motorized varifocal lens with a great viewing angle and produces crisp and clear images.

Furthermore, the PTZ capability of Amcrest camera is fantastic. It can pan 360° and tilt through 90°. It has x4 optical zoom and x16 digital zoom to enhance the zoom even more. With PTZ functionality, you can easily monitor all the sections of your property.

However, the Foscam camera, unfortunately, is no match for it. It can pan 355°and tilt 90°. But it only has x4 optical zoom and x6 digital zoom- which seems quite less compared to the Amcrest.

The sound, movement, and alarm detection of Amcrest camera can be slightly modified, and in case of emergency, the camera gives a push notification to your smartphone.

Amcrest vs Foscam: Verdict

There are not many dissimilarities between these two models as both offers similar basic features. If you are looking for a camera with great IR range, Foscam camera would be your choice.

Expert Review

Our overall feedback is that when looking for PTZ surveillance camera and choosing between Amcrest vs Foscam, Amcrest IP2M-846 would be our pick as it offers a better digital zoom and Pan, tilt capability. It also offers a wide viewing angle of 116-degree.

The camera offers 16X digital zoom and offers great pan, tilt functionality than the Foscam FI9928P security camera. Moreover, the camera is also priced at $20 less than the Foscam one.     

Technical Specifications

  Foscam FI9928P Amcrest IP2M-846
Resolution 1920×1080 1920×1080
Pan, Tilt Pan: 355 ° Tilt: 85 ° Pan: 0° ~ 360° limited Tilt: 0° ~ 90°
Zoom 4X optical zoom 6X digital zoom 4X optical zoom 16X digital zoom
Encoding H.264 H.264 / MJPEG
Max BitRate N/A H.264: 448K ~ 8192Kbps,MJPEG: 5120K ~ 10240Kbps
ONVIF, RTSP ONVIF compliant ONVIF compatibility
WDR N/A Digital WDR
Night Vision (IR Range) 196 feet 98 feet
Lens (Angle, Type etc.) f:2.8mm F:2.6 2.7mm~11mm
Streaming Capability 2 2
Housing & Package (Metal) N/A Metal construction
Angle Of View Horizontal:40°~105° Horizontal: 116.5° ~ 34.5°
Connectivity (Wi-Fi) N/A N/A
NVR (Built-in NVR or SD Card) Micro SD, Cloud, and NVR  N/A
Alerts (Alert events, Email alerts, Push alerts) Alarm via E-Mail, upload alarm snapshot to FTP  N/A
Detection (Simple motion detection, Line crossing detection, Intrusion detection, Abandoned/Missing object detection, Scene change detection, Face detection, Audio Detection) Motion Detection N/A
Other (Alarm in/out, Audio in/out, Other ) Audio: External 3.5mm standard interface for two-way audio Built-in mic
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