Best smart plug for UK

by Mar 6, 2018Smart Devices

Smart plugs are ugly but very practical. They work in any house and with any device. Generally, you should buy a smart plug in two instances. The first is when you need to automate appliance that cannot be automated otherwise. For me, it is my daughter’s formula warmer whereby pressing the Xiaomi button the outlet switches on for exactly 6 minutes. The other reason is if you are not sure about all this smart home buzz, but want to try it. In both of those scenarios, you will have to select among a dozen of products with similar features. This post will help you to find the best available option.


After reviewing all available options on the market, our decision was surprisingly easy and simple. The smart plug should be tested against two criteria – it should be reliable and should be able to connect to your other smart devices. From the outlets that satisfy both, you just select the cheapest.
Our choice:
TP-link HS100 is a very reliable product by a reputable networking specialists brand. It is built to last and no other product can beat its price with the ability to connect to our two picks for smart home platforms SmartThings (guide) and Home Assistant (guide).
  • Decent app (with timers and groups)
  • Connection to Google Home or Home Automation
  • Very positive reviews on Amazon
  • Slightly bulky, as the majority of plugs
  • Not the sexiest smart device
There are two runner-up options. First is Wemo, which is a good brand but reviews are indicating some reliability issues. Second is Xiaomi, which is even cheaper then TP-link but only works with Home Assitant.
Why not alternatives?
  • Twice more expensive
  • Reliable, but only works with SmartThings (TP-Link works with ST as well)
  • Expensive
  • Need Hive Hub
  • Very expensive
  • Focused on HomeKit from Apple