Best smart bulb

by Mar 7, 2018Opinions

Smart bulbs were early smart home warriors and they continue to be popular. They are still a good way to smarten up lighting without significant wiring or switch changes. The bulbs usually allow you to control lights’ colour and brights, which might be challenging using smart switches. However, in the long run, it might be more expensive solution comparing to switches. Also, there will be certainly be time when someone would turn off the light cutting your automation.
For purposes of this post, we only compared available plain white smart bulbs, with the colour bulbs reviews coming soon. We looked at the following criteria in selecting the best option around:

  • Robustness – the bulb should be quality build, durable and responsive
  • Connectivity – connection to voice assistants and native connection to SmartThings and Home Assistant (our preferred hubs)
  • Dimmability – not sure if this word exists, but this is a nice feature to have
  • Affordability – this is probably differentiating criteria when the rest is equal
Our choice:
Well… It was not easy this time. After looking at may products, we were torn and cannot offer a single best recommendation, but will give you two. Both a bit less conventional, but we are sure in our advice.
If you have SmartThings, Ikea TRÅDFRI products are the best choice for you. You do not even need to buy a hub (guide ). There are very different types of bulbs that you can buy and also wireless dimer works really well. Even Home Assistant users should look into this for those reliability bulbs that you can buy in your nearest Ikea shop

  • Good quality
  • Remembers last settings even if switched off
  • Easy to setup
Ok, we might be cheating here a bit as those are color, but Xiaomi YeeLight bulbs are just brilliant. They are very well built with prices difficult to beat for any other producers. If you happy to wait for delivery, this is by far the best option for Home Assistant.
GOOD – Reliable and robust build, with a nice intuitive app

BAD – Takes a bit effort to set up and might take time to deliver


Philips was a pioneer in smart bulbs and it is still very good. I was very skeptical of this popular choice especially the fact you need to buy a hub, but two things really leave no doubt about the practicality of buying it. First is the quality with amazing quality and rare faults. Secondly, with current prices, the next best option does not provide the same robustness and do not justify slightly cheaper price