Best smart thermostat

Zoned smart heating allows to control individual rooms and keep overall heating consumption low. Comparing to smart thermostats (like Nest) this makes your heating even more efficient. For example, some rooms (like bedrooms and study) are only used for very specific times but those will be heated all the time with conventional heating systems. As the result manufactures promise from 30-40% reduction of your gas bill and our readers report that this is realistic. The initial cost will be relatively high, but you should strongly consider installing one in your house. Aside from inevitable payback in 1-2 years, ability to fine-tune temperature in rooms to your family needs really improve the quality of life and sleep. We should also consider our impact on the environment and this is one of the ways to drastically reduce it.

There are four main solutions for smart systems (Honeywell, TaDo, Netatmo, and Drayton) and some less popular options (HeatMiser, Genius, Lightwave RF and z-wave TRVs). We suggest to choose on the former group as the slightly higher price is fully justified by the quality of the products with ease of setup and maintenance. All four systems offer fairly similar functionality with Honeywell offering slightly richer controls. Netatmo is a relative newcomer, with Tado and especially Honeywell and Drayton having many years of experience and iterations of similar products.

Our choices:
Based on our review we recommend Drayton and Honeywell. They stand out as for heating systems it makes sense to trust proved quality and expertise. Drayton is the best pick for the most people as it offers enough functionality for the very good price. Honeywell is the most comprehensive and tested system, but it comes at costs. Netamo is a new product and has a lot of potential, but it is still being improved with some service and quality issues reported. Tado is not an option for us as due to its architecture your heating schedule would only work when Tado controller has no internet connection.
Drayton is a well-known brand in heating  and it pleasing to see a very robust smart home product from them. It hits nicely the sweetspot between good functionality and a reasonable price.
Evohome is a beast. If you have money to spend, buy it and it will provide the richest set of functionality in the market. It also produced by Honeywell – the company that builds heating products for over 100 years
Cheapest price with sufficient functionality

Very granular zone controls

Ability to connect underfloor heating and waterheating

Calibration of TRVs


Good balance of price and features

Intuitive and simple app

Easy to install

Reliable and robust

Support network of installers

Integrates with other smart systems well

Control over web


Limited controls at TRV

Limited integrations with no geofencing or IFTTT

Weak signal reported by some users

Slow development

App feels like its build by engineer

Lacks geofencing


Why not alternatives?

Same price as EvoHome, but fewer features

New product with reported stability issues

Poor support

Cannot work without internet

Similar price as EvoHome,  but fewer functions

Lack of instructions