5 Great Free Automations Routines That Cost You Nothing

  • Many routines from my list of 50 Automations I use will need you to buy an additional device.
  • The 8 routines from the list below are different. They use the devices that everybody already has to make your life more comfortable and secure

1. Avoid traffic jams and subway disruptions

Have you been in situations where you just hit the road back home or find yourself in the platform just to realize that your journey is likely to be much longer than you thought? It definitely happened to me way too often.

Well not any longer. I am using Google Maps journey sensor to get the time to get home. If it significanly exceeds the usual time home I would get a notification and plan the workaround.

2. Digital Cuckoo

Nothing really revolutionary, but having a cuckoo sounds on my google mini at noon at 6pm is so cool and my daughter loves it!

3. Pause Movie when I get a call

I am a keen movie fan and used to watch movies a lot (this was before kids). It was annoying to try finding your remote to pause a movie if somebody calls you our rings the doorbell. Not any more.

My phone is integrated into the smart hub and as soon as I get a call it puts the movie on pause and back once the conversation is over.

4. Remind Your Kids To Do Chores

I am a big fan of this routine. I am using the “carrot and stick” approach (mainly stick) to motivave my kids to do their chores and homework before they can get access to internet. This solved this problem once and for all 🙂

5. Automate remembering things

There a lot of good apps to help you remember things or get you into a new habbit. I am using Home Assitant to do the same but with two benefits:

  • You do not need an extra app for it
  • You can record your stats to see how you progress or create cool grapths based on the data
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