5 Best Smart Home Security Automations

  • Security is one of the top reasons why people buy smart home devices. When setting up well, your smart home can not only keep you updated on any security issues without too many false alerts but also save money on doing it.
  • This article addresses the feedback from my earlier overview of 16 Must-Have Automation Routines to explain the security-related automations that I run

1. Auto-Arm Your Security System

A surprisingly large percentage of burglaries happened in the houses with security systems where owners just forgot to arm their system before leaving. This automation is using presence detection to make sure that arming happens automatically.

2. “Holiday Mode

Remember that scene in Home Alone when Kevin used an overly-complicated (but clever) devices to make an impression that his parents were back in town? This automation is basically using the same idea but with smart home devices.

3. Get a picture of anybody leaving or entering home

Another automation that I would recommend everybody to have. All you need is a IP camera pointed from your hallway to the entrance to get a picture of every single person leaving or entering your house.

4. Fake Dog Barking

Dogs are still a very effective ways to stop robbers targeting your house. My smart hub does the same but without the need to walk and feed it. It pretends that I have a dog when somebody rings the bell when nobody is at home. Brilliant.

5. Make Sure You Closed Your Windows

It is important that you check that your windows are closed when you are leaving or going to sleep. A combination of windows sensors and clever notification systems can give you the peace of mind without much annoyance.

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